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What does it mean to WOW your goals?

Basically what this means is that to achieve goals you need to:

Want it - this requires you to set a goal that is important for YOU to achieve

Own it - this requires you to take responsibility and be realistic about the effort you will need to achieve your goal

Work at achieving it - this requires you to make the commitment to an ACTION plan

Think about the successes and achievements in your life. They usually came from you investing time and energy into making them happen.

I am thinking here of the myth of the overnight success, particularly in the entertainment industry. Performers tagged with being an overnight success will mostly tell you about the years of perseverance in building their craft before they got their first break. They certainly had to WOW their goals to continue to commit themselves to their own success.

As humans we tend to see the end achievements and minimise the stages in the journey to that success. It is the journey that enables you to develop new skills, and establish the routines and habits, needed for you to maintain and build on your current achievements. 

Often when we first conceive of a goal it is usually an IDEA that is associated with experiencing a certain result.

For example:

•    Getting fit = strong, healthy, looking good

•    Getting a promotion = success

•    University Degree = better career prospects 

•    Going on a holiday = relaxed and refreshed

Most of us then continue to have this idea in our mind, maybe we find ourselves daydreaming of how good it would be to achieve this goal but few go the next step of making a plan of action to achieve that goal and even fewer people  put their goals in writing. 

New goals require that we develop new habits and routines for their long-term success.

The Benefits of Setting Goals:

  • you take control of your life and success
  • you are more confident because you have clarity and direction
  • your actions are in line with your aspirations and values
  • you are 'walking the talk'

How can you move forward in WOWing your goals?  

Your goals need to be SMART  - here are 5 steps to successful goal achievement using the proven SMART way of goal-setting. Before you start reading take out a notebook and pen to make notes on each section of the SMART GOAL PLAN. By the time you finish this exercise you will have the basis to developing an action plan that will have you successfully achieving your goal. When you start out commit to working on ONE goal - this will maximise your success rate while learning how to us the SMART GOAL PLAN.


1. Be SPECIFIC about the goal - it needs to be clear and unambiguous. To do

this you will need to cover the following:

  • What- is it that you want to accomplish 
  • Why - what are the benefits and what is the purpose for setting this goal - how will it make you feel to achieve this goal
  • Who - needs to be involved - have someone with whom you can check in with to celebrate your successes
  • Where - identify a location - workplace; personal
  • Which - what are the requirements and the barriers to achieving this goal

2. Be MEASURABLE. It is important that you have concrete criteria to measure your progress. Setting short-term, medium-term and long-term targets will enable you to check off your achievements. Success builds success, so if you are able to look at the milestones along the way then you are more likely to persevere with the goal.

3. Be ATTAINABLE. This emphasises how important it is that the goal is realistic but also must present enough of a challenge to make the effort you put into the goal worthwhile. Goals are about change, growth and a feeling of accomplishment, so it is important that you set yourself enough of a challenge that will give you that feeling of success.

4. Be RELEVANT. The goal has to be relevant - it needs to be worthwhile, and represent positive change and growth in your life.

5. Be TIME-BOUND. It is important that the goal has a target date for achievement. This helps you to focus your efforts, maintain your interest in achieving the goal and keep you on track. This does not mean that you cannot adjust the target date, but it is important to evaluate honestly your progress.



         "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" 

           (Lao-tzu, The way of Lao-tzu, Chinese Philosopher 604BC-531BC)


Remember to:

  • acknowledge yourself for every step you achieve toward WOWing your goals
  • review your goal everyday - have it somehwere you can see it
  • keep a record of your progress - the path to achieving your goal is never straight you will have days when you deviate from your intention - acknowledge the detour and get back on the path to success.

Good luck and let me know how you go or if you have any questions.



Published on 2/13/2014


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