Making Time Work for You



Get more from your day with my 5 key 

Time Management Strategies 


Time is a finite resource although most of us treat time as if it is infinite.

However when that project deadline is looming or time conflicts occur between our work and personal life, it is then that we realise that we could have better organised our time.

How amazing would it be if you did some forward planning so you can start to get more out of your time by focused action.

I want to share with you some strategies to make managing your time easier and keep your action focused.

Here are my 5 Top Tips

1. Organisation - if you know where things are located then you don't waste time stressing about "lost" files, keys, or a multitude of other items. An old saying - "a place for everything, and everything in its place" - has merit. Organisation also includes a tidy desk - the clean desk improves clarity of mind. Only have on your desk what you are working on at that time - this focuses your thinking and you do not get distracted from the task. Try it for a week and notice the difference to your productivity.


2. Lists - a list helps you to plan your priorities and to keep you focused. Hence the importance of a diary or calendar to record your TO DO's for the day. 30 minutes taken to organize your day is well worth the time you will save. You can use this extra time in leisure pursuits, relaxing with family or anything else that will give you balance in your day.




3. Time your tasks - give each task a period of time you would realistically need for its completion. First DO the tasks with the greatest difficulty, those that require the most time or those that have a high priority. Make sure you give yourself some time in the day away from your desk for a short break - this will maximize your focus when you return.

4. Break it Down - break larger tasks into smaller steps and maybe spread it over a number of work periods.

5. Delegate - learn to delegate or outsource those tasks that are not your core competency. This will free up your time for those things that need your unique skill set and experience.

These strategies can help you to get some balance back into your life. Enjoy.


"Focused action beats brilliance" Mark Sanborn



Published on 8/17/2014


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