Mind-Brain Based Leadership™



In many cases “team effectiveness” is viewed as the responsibility of individual members of the team. Once you put a group of people together and call them a team then it is often assumed that the rest will take care of itself. It is not until cracks start to appear or the effectiveness of the team is questioned, that the process of creating an effective team comes into focus. What you do at this point will make or break the team. This can have far reaching effects on their engagement as a team and the team’s effectiveness in achieving their goals.


At Mindxcite®our focus is on helping leaders and their teams to develop effective communication that drives improved team engagement and productivity. We are a boutique practice in which our clients are provided an individual program of services that meet their current needs for developing their leaders and teams. You will at all times work with the principals of Mindxcite®getting full value from their many years of experience.


Our experience in speaking to senior managers and leaders is that managing a team is something that you learn on the job, often using the strategies and systems from their own past experience. Having to possibly spend years developing an understanding of team dynamics can result in feelings of frustration and questioning of their ability to be a leader.


Mind-Brain Based Leadership


This model is about integrating the neuroscience underpinning conversations and communication into a leader’s everyday practice. By having this knowledge, a leader has the potential to create highly effective and engaged teams. The neuroscience of communication allows us to understand why some leaders are highly effective and others struggle to engage their teams.


The three focus areas of the model are: Transforming Communication; Cultivating Connectedness; and Embracing Agility. It is important to note that these focus areas are highly interdependent. 


Effective communication is the key to building strong relationships that are necessary to maintain an agile organisation with strong teams that can work together through inevitable changing workplace demands.


Some of the areas we cover in our work with leaders and their teams are:

·      Understanding the neuroscience of conversations

·      Building resonant relationships

·      Seeking to understand the other’s point of view

·      Raising awareness of the effect of our conversation on another person

·      Building a trust culture

·      The rewards of having open and honest conversations 

·      Understanding the effectiveness of a culture-based growth mindset 

·      Looking at change as a process rather than an event


If you have any more questions about our services or wish to discuss your specific situation and how we may be able to help you at this time, please contact us 



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